I Date on Valentine’s Day

Every year, my brother and I host a Valentine’s Day party for couples only. We made it for couples only because in the past, there were situations were fights almost started. Once, one of my friends accident flirted with another man’s girlfriend. A fight almost broke out between them. From that moment on, we decided that only couples could come. Last year, I had a bad change of luck. My girlfriend dumped me for another man and I did not have a date. I looked for a las vegas escort service. I did not want to look like a complete loser in front of my friends and family.

The day before the party everything was going great for me. I had a nice day at work and no stress. My brother still had not found a date for the party I was teasing him about all week. I joked that he might have to sit out at his own party. I never expected the tables to turn. My brother met a very attractive woman at the mall. She worked at the pretzel cart. Meanwhile, I ran into my girlfriend Sasha. She told me that I did not pay enough attention to her. She got mad at me and stormed out on me. The worst possible thing happened. I did not have a date to my own party.

I was freaking out. I did not know what to do. My friend Steve noticed my trouble. He told me about an escort service that he had used in the past. He was very pleased with the girl he had before in the past. I was hesitant to call at first, but I was really desperate. A woman named Cece contacted me. She was nice.

When Cece and I showed up at the party, they were stunned. She was the best looking woman at the party. We danced the night away with the other couples.